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ICF Next × Coors Light

Suckers for brew

A partnership between Coors Light and the Jonas Brothers.
Suckers for brew
ICF Next x Coors Light

The situation

In the mid-2000s, the Jonas Brothers were one of the biggest bands in the world. And while there are millions of fans who are still thirsty for them, they’re thirsty for one beer and one beer only—Coors Light.

It’s a love that they’ve never been shy of sharing on social media.

So when they announced that they would be reuniting, we knew that we had to act.

Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour promo

The solution

The JoBros’ love of Coors Light was an organic and authentic phenomenon, and the brand wanted to keep it that way.

Rather than going straight to a full-scale paid partnership, we started with small and thoughtful gifts, like free beer, brand swag and even a Coors Light-themed birthday cake. These gestures were appreciated—and amplified—by the brothers, and created more awareness of their favorite beer.

But when the band officially reunited, it was time to go big.

Step one, steal the show at Joe Jonas’ wedding to Sophie Turner, a major celeb-media event, with custom “Joe+Sophie” Coors Light cans that drew massive coverage. And then when the tour rolled into Denver, we brought the brothers’ to Coors Light’s brewery in nearby Golden, Colorado, where they brewed their own batch of Coors Light, which was subsequently bottled and sold in five markets with special packaging that carved the JoBros’ likeness into the brand’s iconic mountains. As a Today Show host put it, it looked “like a hoppy Mount Rushmore.”

Joe Jonas Instagram photo of him holding multiple cases of Coors LightNick Jonas posing with a custom Coors Light birthday cakeNick Jonas drinking a Coors light at the top of a mountainThe Jonas brothers toasting on a private jet with Coors Light
The neck sticker of a custom Joe + Sophie Coors light wedding label depicting their facesThe bottle sticker of a custom Joe + Sophie Coors light wedding labelJoe Jonas drinking a custom bottle of Coors Light at his weddingA custom bottle of Joe + Sophie Coors light on a wedding table
The Jonas brothers pouring hops into a machine at the Coors Light breweryThe Jonas brothers at the Coors Light breweryThe Jonas brothers at the Coors Light brewery
An Instagram post announcing the the Jonas Brothers custom Coors Light brew

The impact

In the end, the partnership was a tremendous success—with both JoBros fans and the brothers themselves.

It put Coors Light in pop culture and lifestyle outlets that rarely featured light beer brands, putting Coors Light front and center for younger legal-drinking-age audiences in places like BuzzFeed, InStyle and PopSugar.

The resulting coverage and conversation led the brand to the hearts—and hands—of one of the world’s biggest bands, and its fans.


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