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ICF Next × Minnesota Wild

This is our ice

An annual ritual that lets Minnesota Wild fans participate in the creation of their home ice. ​
This is our ice
ICF Next x Minnesota Wild

The situation

Minnesota is a land of 10,000 lakes. In the winter, those 10,000 lakes become 10,000 ice rinks.

And in a state where winter is seven months long, you can bet that hockey is a pretty big deal.​

So when it came time to get Minnesota Wild fans excited about their upcoming season, we found a way to combine both their love of hockey and their love of their state.

An aerial shot of several hockey games being played on a lakeMinnesota Wild fans cheering at the arenaA Minnesota Wild player cheering after scoring a goal

The solution

We asked fans from across the state to fill up vials of water from the ponds, rivers, and lakes​ in their neighborhoods.

Then, we asked them to bring that water to​ the Xcel Energy Center, where the Minnesota​ Wild play their home games, and pour it into a Zamboni.​

The water in that Zamboni, from all those different places across the state of Minnesota, was then used to help create the ice surface at the Xcel Energy Center—giving a new meaning to the term “home ice.”

Minnesota Wild fans waiting in line to fill the Zamboni with their waterA man leaning out of a boat gathering water from a lakeA person holding up a sample of lake water next to a phone showing where it came from
A group of girls gathering water from a lakeA man pouring his water sample into the ZamboniA girl pouring his water sample into the Zamboni
A boy pouring his water sample into the ZamboniA zamboni on the iceThe southeast entrance to the Xcel Energy Center
A map showing where all of the samples of water came fromA man adding his contribution of water to a bucket at the arenaA boy throwing the water sample onto the ice at the arena during the opening ceremony

The impact

By allowing Wild fans to participate in the creation of their home ice, we did more than ​
just create an event—we created a ritual. One that made fans feel as much a part of their favorite team as that team is a part of them.​


Increase in pre-season share of voice


Rise in pre-season ticket sales


Minnesotans brought their water to inaugural ceremony